The fading queen of white-trash comedy is possibly hoping that she can get her career jump-started, thanks to a (not so) secret Snickers commercial that will air during the game.

While this is purely a rumor, it ties up a loose end for one of the ad spots Mars purchased during Super Bowl Sunday. The Ex-Ms. Tom Arnold is reportedly counting on a Betty White-style resurgence of popularity, referring to what happened to the venerable octogenarian after her surprise appearance in the 2010 Super Bowl ad for, wait for it, Snickers.

There are a few problems with this: first of all, Snickers seems to be hoping that lightning will strike twice, in that they’re using a surprise celebrity appearance (which again, if this rumor is true, is no longer a surprise) to try and generate brand buzz. The second and paramount problem though is that Betty White is just plain more awesome than Roseanne Barr.  We don’t see this one working out quite so well… it didn’t for Abe Vigoda.

Here’s last year’s Snickers spot featuring Betty White, just because it’s the right thing to do.