Jonathan Salem Baskin over at Ad Age thinks that the Super Bowl is bad for advertising, a time when advertisers produce spots that humiliate their profession and do not serve the brands they are intended to promote. Even though we watch GoDaddy commercials and yearn to agree with him, we think he’s wrong.

His point seems to be that by celebrating the ads and treating them as events, it is somehow interfering with their ability to “sell the product without drawing attention to itself.” While the great David Ogilvy may have been the originator of this saying, it seems closed-minded to draw this distinction today, for no better reason than that it was believed by someone else at a time when television advertising was still finding its legs.

It’s a good read and worth thinking about, but we still think that nobody would even know about GoDaddy today if they hadn’t been making terrible commercials all these years. And isn’t that the point of advertising in the first place?