You’ve seen the game, you’ve read our top ten list (right?), so now we bring you the worst of the worst. If you watched the game then there are no big surprises here, except maybe that GoDaddy didn’t walk away with two of the bottom-five slots (that just didn’t seem fair).

Without further ado we’ll jump right into it, because frankly we’d rather forget about these commercials forever.

5. David Beckham Bodywear – H&M

Has anyone at H&M ever even seen the Super Bowl? Did they really think that burning David Beckham’s tattooed bod into the retinas of millions of men was the best way to introduce their new underwear line? We wanted to list this one twice, but that wouldn’t be fair to the other bad commercials.

4. Enjoy Better – Time Warner Cable

Not even Ricky Gervais could save this stinker from the depths of bad advertising hell. It’s not that it was so terrible, after all it certainly looked expensive, but we’ve seen this cable company commercial dozens of times before, usually from one of their competitors. Waste of money, especially considering we (and likely, many Americans) don’t even have a choice as to which cable provider services their area.

3. Coke’s Polar Bears

We really hate to do this, but these Coke spots were really pretty bad. We’re sort of grading on the curve here since there might have been worse spots somewhere during the afternoon, but we expect better from Coke. These bears were boring, lifeless, and offered nothing beyond “here’s some polar bears and here’s some Coke”.

Here’s the one that really clinched it for us. It’s a shame too because the “Superstition” spot was actually pretty good and gave us high hopes for the series.

2. The Cloud – GoDaddy

What?! GoDaddy is in the number two worst commercial spot? You’ve already skipped ahead so you know who “won” this dubious contest, but GoDaddy really tried their best this year. It turns out that their best at being worst just wasn’t enough. The “Body Painting” spot was terrible too, but we picked this one because it’s not just bad, it’s in your face bad.

1. King’s Court – Pepsi

Man oh man, we knew this one was going to be a “worst commercial” contender from the moment we laid eyes on it. Half of the audience is wondering “who’s that fat guy on the throne?”, while the other half is wondering “who’s that fat girl lip-syncing to Aretha Franklin?” Pepsi got saddled with a stinker of a slogan and had to cram it into whatever concept they could dream up, but this one really made our eyes bleed. Girl can sing though.