So it’s widely regarded as totally and unambiguously TRUE that has the best Super Bowl commercials ever, at least before they dropped the chimps.

Well it looks like the chimps maybe coming back, and PETA is pissed about it.

PETA somehow caught wind of CareerBuilder using their single 30-second slot to bring back the apes, and has urged their members to start an email campaign against the company’s CEO.

Friends, this travesty cannot stand. People and chimpanzees alike are out of work in this economy, and to have PETA preaching to chimps about what work they should or should not be allowed to do is simply unacceptable. Our ancestral cousins have rights too, and if they want to do a hilarious spot for a dying dot-com then by god, they should have that right.

So we are urging everyone to start an email campaign against PETA, to tell them to mind their own beeswax and just change the channel if they don’t want to see the commercial.