The 49th installment of the biggest game in American sports is closer every day, folks! Super Bowl XLIX will pit the AFC and NFC champs against one another on February 1st, 2015. The teams will square off at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Phoenix’s neighboring city, Glendale, AZ.

We know most of you will end up caring more about the Super Bowl commercials than the actual on-field action, as most likely your home team will not be on the field! We mean no offense and we’re not going on the defensive here (ha), it’s just statistics. While we still have to wait a while to see which teams will face off during XLIX and still have to be patient before companies start releasing their Super Bowl commercial teasers, we can at least give you some of the facts about the venue to whet your appetite for all things Super Bowl.

This will be the second time the University of Phoenix Stadium has hosted a Super Bowl, with XLII occurring there back in 2008. More than 70,000 fans attended that game, but XLII came in well below the attendance record for the stadium. That record was set during a college football game, in fact, the BCS National Championship in early 2011. More than 78,500 people flocked to that game! That means the crowd at the game was larger than 35% of the population of Glendale, AZ. The Super Bowl crowd should be about a third the size of the city. And that crowd can expect a pleasant “winter day” indeed; average temperatures for the region are between 71 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit in February.

For those of you who like to look way down the line… the Big Game in 2016 is going to be held in the brand new Levi’s Stadium in northern California on February 7th, 2016. (Levi’s Stadium is the new home to the San Francisco 49ers, by the way.) And here’s a fun fact. 2016’s Super Bowl will not only be the NFL’s 50th championship match, it will also be the first to drop the Roman numerals for regular numbers. Apparently the league thought Super Bowl 50 had more ring to it than Super Bowl L.