This year’s Super Bowl venue will be the Louisiana Superdome. For those of you unfamiliar with the Superdome, this masterpiece of human engineering has hosted more Super Bowls than any other stadium in existence.

It was a shelter for Katrina victims in the aftermath of that fateful hurricane, and has been a shelter for downtrodden New Orleans Saints fans since their unlikely Championship run in 2009.

The Superdome has played host to a fistful of other famous sporting events, such as the NCAA Final Four, and regularly hosts all manner of American cultural traditions, such as the monster truck extravaganza known only as Monster Jam.

Some more interesting facts about Louisiana’s Mercedes-Benz Superdome:

 • The Superdome opened its doors August 3rd, 1975.

• The stadium can seat 73,208 people, covers an area of 52 acres including 60,000 square feet of artificial turf, has a height of 273 feet, and can pump out 9,000 tons of air-conditioning! 

• Superdome holds the record for indoor concert attendance—87,500 people watched the Rolling Stones in 1981.

• When Katrina hit an estimated 30,000 people sought refuge in the Superdome.

• Post-Katrina Superdome renovation projects cost $336 million, $156 million of which was supplied by disaster response agency FEMA.

• Superdome events have contributed some $4.1 billion to the Louisiana economy since it reopened in 2006.

• After the hurricane the first game in the revitalised stadium saw the Saints defeat the Falcons 23-3.

• $85 million have been spent on upgrades since 2010, turning the Superdome into one of the most modern stadiums in America.

• The Louisiana icon was renamed the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on October 4th, 2011.