Go Daddy execs have publicly announced racing superstar Danica Patrick will appear in both of their upcoming Super Bowl commercials. Yay!

Go Daddy founder Bob Parsons says Danica, “has been in our successful Super Bowl advertising for the past eight years, so it only follows that if something works eight years in a row, there’s a good chance of it working maybe a ninth year… Go Daddy and Danica are a team, and we’ve been a team for a long time. I would think it would be very difficult to figure who has benefited more. It’s a true partnership, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon.”

Go Daddy and Patrick have a history that spans 22 commercials—10 of them in the Super Bowl (more than any other celeb). She has been the official face of Go Daddy since 2007 when Go Daddy was an associate sponsor of her IndyCar.

There were some questions about the racy race car driver’s potential involvement when Go Daddy signed ad firm Deutsch Inc. to produce their Super Bowl spots. All of their previous Super Bowl ads have been produced in-house.

“I’ve always felt so honored to appear in the commercials,” Danica said. “I feel we’ve made a lot of people laugh, we’ve made a lot of people smile, we’ve had a lot of fun with them. I’m excited to do them and I’m going to start doing sit-ups right now.”

Does that mean she’ll be showing her abs?

Go Daddy’s ads have traditionally been on the sexy side, but the company has said they’ll tone down this year’s spots. Let’s hope Go Daddy has a few more surprises in store.