Century 21 provides a case in point about how effective a 30 second Super Bowl commercial can be. Prior to 2012, Century 21 dedicated a minuscule amount of their marketing budget to TV ads. Last year they finally decided to invest big bucks in a Super Bowl ad spot.

As a result their web traffic is up 40% on the year. For perspective, web traffic for the real estate industry as a whole is only up 4%.

It would appear the secret ingredients for Super Bowl commercial success are random celebrities, namely Donald Trump, Deion Sanders, and Apolo Anton-Ohno. If you’re curious what in the world they’re all doing in the same commercial, give it a gander. Apparently, Century 21 agents are tried and tested professionals.

If we were making this year’s Century 21 commercial we’d make it more relevant to the general sentiment in today’s housing market. We’d probably include Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Lindsay Lohan and a brief cameo from MIA (or at least include look-alike parody actors).

From a marketing perspective Jordan trumps Trump in terms of popularity and public recognition, but he also has a massive gambling problem. Tiger Woods, like most every championship golfer, has a disposition for ladies who he isn’t married to; a problem we all know cost him his marriage. Lohan’s main problem is her freckles and hair color.

In our commercial the three of them would be standing under a bridge looking generally disheveled, warming themselves over a fire in a big rusty metal can.

Jordan: “I gambled my house away…”

Woods: “That’s nothing. My wife took my house, my SUV and my Gatorade sponsorship…”

Lohan: “My parents kicked me out again…”

Then MIA would pop up and sing “I got 99 problems, but a house ain’t one!” to the tune of Jay-Z’s song ’99 problems.’

Finally, she’d flip the bird at the screen, providing the perfect allusion to both last year’s and this years halftime show. The screen would fade to black and a golden Century 21 logo would dissolve into view, along with the saying, “Century 21: Real Estate for the Real World.”

But, then again, that’s probably why we’re not in advertising… or marketing… or any kind of television broadcasting.

Look out for Century 21’s ad just after the halftime show.

In the meantime, see if you recognize where these awesome parody commercials from Denver’s Breckenridge Brewery draw their inspiration (great Super Bowl commercials aren’t restricted to national networks!):