Budweiser rarely fails to impress when it comes to commercial breaks during football’s big game. That said, last year’s Bud commercial was a little weak on humor.

If Budweiser really wants to speak to their largest demographic there are a few time tested techniques that they should definitely revert to. Everybody knows that Budweiser drinkers are generally receptive to beautiful women in bathing suits and talking frogs.

This is no random phenomenon, but is in fact rooted in the judeo-christian fairy tale tradition. Budweiser drinkers are archetypal toads who generally believe themselves princes among men. Conventional wisdom says that frogs are frogs but, in the minds of Budweiser drinkers and Disney storyboard writers, at least, buxom, blonde, Bud-bathing-suit wearing babes will free Bud fans from the curse of mediocrity.

No… Budweiser is not the king of Super Bowl commercials… not yet. But they are the king of mediocre beer, and of mediocre beer drinkers the world over.

If Budweiser wants to win the hearts and minds of men, they’ll need a commercial more like our favorite Budweiser commercial of all time.