Last year’s Carl’s Jr. commercial featuring Kate Upton may have been our favorite Super Bowl commercial of all time, even though it never officially aired. Unfortunately, for all of mankind, censors deemed the commercial too steamy and, thus, it was banished forever to YouTube.

Seriously though, if Upton hadn’t taught us all how to Dougie we’d probably never have learned how to do the dance properly. And don’t get us started on the Cat Daddy, whatever that is. (scroll down to the bottom of the page to watch each of these dance lessons repeatedly)

Luckily she’s getting another chance to strut her stuff this year by teaming up with Mercedes Benz and Usher. At least that’s the word in the rumor mill…

The ad is going to be a 60 second spot, and, if Mercedes Benz has half a brain, will feature Kate Upton in a bikini for at least 50 seconds. Usher can do donuts in the background in a B-Class for all we care.

EDIT: The final Mercedes Benz commercial can be found here.

But enough speculation, let’s review why miss Upton’s last Super Bowl commercial didn’t make the cut.