Good ol’ Vin Deezy is back for yet another action packed Fast & Furious movie. This will be the franchises sixth installment, and they’re going to great lengths to promote it. They’re even buying a spot at the Super Bowl.

The bad news: they bothered to make another Fast & Furious.

The good news: we’ll get to see all the best parts when the trailer airs at the Super Bowl.

Vin posted on his Facebook page (is this really his Facebook page? Really?) that our first preview of the film will be when the commercial airs at the Super Bowl, and mentioned how blessed he is to be working on such a great production. Good to know the XXX superstar still has a flair for sarcasm.

Fast & Furious 6 will costar Paul Walker (as himself), Dwayne Johnson (as the Rock), Michelle Rodriguez (as Letty from the original F&F), Tyrese Gibson (as Paul Walker’s sidekick) and Gina Carano (as tough chick #2) among other strictly typecast actors and actresses.

Some interesting trivia you may be bored enough to learn about, Carano’s father played for the Super Bowl championship Dallas Cowboys as a backup quarterback from 1977 to 1983. Six degrees of Fast & Furious and the Super Bowl…

Since nothing official has been released yet, here is a fake teaser featuring some of the actors we listed. See if you can tell the difference…