We know, this isn’t the most exciting news ever, but there is a little bit to this story.

So Pizza Hut typically only advertises before the big game, apparently to give the viewers time to order for halftime. That and they avoid the reported $3 million price tag a 30-second slot is going for. For the 2011 game they are actually airing a spot during the first half of the game. The odd thing is that Taco Bell, a stalwart Super Bowl advertiser owned by the same parent company Yum Brands, has not yet announced any intentions to advertise during the game.

What does this all mean? It means that instead of a terrible commercial for terrible not-Mexican food, you get a (most likely) terrible spot about something that can only qualify as pizza because it’s round. Their goal with this spot is to “focus on the Pizza Hut brand and the role it plays in consumers’ lives ‘beyond the game and throughout the year'”.

Oh god, that sounds so boring.