What would you rather have: a 30-second Super Bowl spot for a commercial or a down payment for your own space program?  Because if you have $4 million lying around, you can choose one or the other (I’m looking at you Sir Richard Branson).

If companies want to get on the air during the Super Bowl, it’s costing them upwards of $4 million for every 30 seconds.  CBS hasn’t sold out of all of the open slots yet so if you have something you want to say to about a billion people, now’s your chance if you have the cash handy. And, trust me, what you have to say will be $4 million times more enlightening than the 250 promos we’re already going to see for Mike & Molly.

A number of companies have already locked up spots for the 2013 big show including GoDaddy, Pepsico and Audi.  Oh, and Sketchers bought time again and have already announced they have replaced Kim Kardashian as the lead with a bulldog named Mr. Quiggly. Great move as the dog costs a lot less but can probably act just the same, if not better.

More money should mean better quality in the 2013 batch of commercials by the companies advertising.  This shall be proven early with a Mercedes’ ad that’s going to feature Kate Upton most likely modeling and wearing the least amount of clothing that’s legally possible. Great commercial, but horrible advertising.  People at Mercedes should know that putting a product next to may be useless. Nobody in their right mind is going to be looking at the car.