is notorious for their Super Bowl commercials always featurning at least one attractive woman scantily dressed and seductively dancing because, honestly, how else are you supposed to sell something as boring as a web domain and hosting site?

This year the company is up to their same tricks as they have Bar Refaeli headlining one of their two 30-second spots.

The supermodel, actress and former Leonardo DiCaprio side-dish is starring alongside longtime girl Danica Patrick in a commercial that’s titled, “Perfect Match.” has yet to release the plot behind this 30-second piece of Oscar worthy film making but it probably won’t be featuring won’t be featuring what we traditionally like to call, “clothing.”

Expect the commercial to be up on YouTube and into the bookmarked site folders of 13-year-old boys everywhere sometime before the Super Bowl even airs but until then, here’s a standard ad so you’ll know what to expect.