Every year, companies are required to spend millions of dollars for just seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl. This year, the numbers come down to roughly $4 million for a 30-second time slot. That may seem like a lot of money – because it is, but the possibility to reach over a billion people is extremely enticing to any company who has the mullah to spend.

However, the cash can be wasted if the advertisement isn’t well done and thus the product is easily forgotten. That’s why the catchiest and most common way businesses get the average Joe to remember who they are is through humor, and that won’t change during this year’s big game. Let’s visit the 10 funniest Super Bowl commercials from recent history to get an idea what to expect for the 2013 Super Bowl.

Dorito’s “Gym Ninja” from 2010

Because eating Dorito’s at the gym is obviously productive. Gotta be tough to bench with that armor made of nacho cheese, too. Regardless, Dorito’s usually has a couple comical commercials every year. Expect to see their 2013 output exceed over previous years in not only quantity but quality.

Bud Light’s “Slapfest” from 2007

Bud Light is another franchise that comes to play every year with above average advertisements. Year in and year out Bud Light has numerous commercials angled to make you laugh. Some hit, some miss. This one hits, literally and figuratively.

Etrade’s “Jealous Girlfriend” from 2010

Remember back when the ETrade baby was an original and funny idea? You know, before everyone put the cute infant on the dead horse and kept beating it to the ground? Yeah, think the phenomenon topped off not too long after this commercial, but even so, this ad is gold. Milka what? Go get her, girlfriend.

Pepsico’s “Bob’s House” from 2008

Is it too far to call a commercial genius? Maybe. But Pepsico creatively outdid themselves with a somewhat risky commercial featuring no sounds and deaf people. Touche to them for pulling it off.

FedEx’s “Caveman” from 2006

Valueable lesson in life: never argue with the boss. They’re right no matter what, even when they’re wrong. Just may save your life one day from being squashed by a Brachiosaurus.

EDS’ “Cat Herding” from 2006

Very different, effective and comical advertisement from EDS. But herding cats like cattle? Impossible. Anybody who owns more than one cat knows they cant be contained. Just ask the single woman over 40 who lives in the apartment down the street. On second thought, ask one of the 12 cats on the premises They answer for her now.

M&M’s “Naked Party” from 2012

Ah, yes. The kind of party where one immediately drops their pants to the ground and starts dancing to LMFAO. Reminds me of college. But…

Bud Light’s “Dog Fetch” from 2008

Bud Light’s second ad on this list and for good reason. Advertisement is simple, yet effective. Don’t think there’s been in instance in human history to where a dog biting a crotch over a beer hasn’t forced at least a smirk.

Career Builder’s “Celebration” from 2011

Brilliant commercial by Career Builder. Anybody who has ever worked in an office setting knows that they’re surrounded by “Cubicle Monkeys.” This advertisement just kind of puts that fact into better perspective.

Tide’s “My Talking Stain” from 2008

And we have a winner!!! A clever and hilariously appropriate advertisement from Tide. The only thing that’s more of a job killer on an interview than a stain on the shirt is a tattoo on the face. Even then any image other than a Swastika may be better than having noticeable spaghetti stains on your collared shirt. Crazy is sometimes better than messy in the working world.

What are your top funny commercials? Share them with us!