For most people, appearing in a commercial that airs during the Super Bowl is the highlight of their careers, the top of the mountain, the big… um… deal. For Korean rap-dance-pop super-mega-global star sensation Psy, it’s almost a demotion.
His Gangam Style YouTube video has been viewed more than 1.1 BILLION times, setting a record unlikely to be beaten any time soon. If ever. Thus while the approximately 112 million viewers of Super Bowl XLVII certainly means a lot of eyes on Psy’s commercial, which features him in the debut spot for the Wonderful Pistachios brand (and, in all fairness, those are some tasty nuts), it’s like a walk in the park for the flashy dressing, flashy dancing sudden pop icon. In this case, though, the park is more like the New Orleans Superdome.

In case you aren’t one of the hundreds of millions of people who have already seen Psy’s distinct “horsey riding” style moves, get with the times and check it out here: