Budweiser Black Crown is coming! But… just what is this Black Crown we speak of, you ask?

Well, if you watch the Super Bowl in February 3rd, you’ll learn all about it, and in the advertiser’s most coveted TV program of the year’s most coveted commercial spot, no less: Budweiser will once again have its flagship commercial in the so-called A1 spot, the very first commercial to air after the game’s opening kickoff.

The commercial is titled “Celebration,” and the suits over there better hope Black Crown is a hit, much like Bud Light Platinum proved to be (low calories, higher alcohol – yeah, that’s what most folks want, whatever that says about us), because that ad slot is worth several million dollars!

Apparently, though, the folks at Budweiser (meaning the folks at InBev, that is) can trust their little gamble on this “golden wheat beer with toasted caramel malts” based on past precedent alone: they have bought this sought after commercial spot every single year since 1987. We’ll see, soon, folks! Or you can start making your own assessment right now, right here.