Perhaps you’ve never heard of the organization that goes by the name MilkPEP, but we’re willing to bet you are more than familiar with their favorite question: “Got milk?”

If you’re one of the three people who has not yet encountered this advertising campaign, which has been everywhere from print to TV to radio to the internet for the better part of two decades, well now it’s hitting the big time. Or rather, the big game.

That’s right, you’ll be asked “Got Milk?” during this year’s Super Bowl! The good folks at MilkPEP (which is essentially a lobby for milk producers, not a company itself, FYI) have chosen a star for their Super Bowl ad who has cross-generational and cross-cultural appeal like few others, Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Mr. The Rock, who somehow managed to parlay a wacky professional wrestling career into a relatively respectable acting career, is a perfect fit for the brand, too. He’s big and strong and muscley, so you know he consumes plenty of protein. Score one for milk! And Dwayne T.R.J. is purportedly a great family man, and everyone knows milk is a family-oriented beverage. Two points!

Why do we all feel this way about milk? That it’s the “family beverage?” Why, clever advertising campaigns, I guess. Well done, MilkPEP – you’ve come a long way from print ads featuring B-list celebs with strangely viscous looking “milk mustaches” on their lips. But… has The Rock “Got Milk?” Find out more here, during Super Bowl XLVII!