When you are a bag full of little candy-coated chocolate discs, you hardly need to mount a sales effort. Believe me, people are going to buy you, and they are going to eat you.

That said, we still look forward to this year’s big Super Bowl spot from Mars Inc. And all the more so because the folks over there have been pretty much mum on what to expect. Last year we had a bit of off-color humor (watch the ad and you’ll see how damn clever that was, oh yeah!) from M&Ms Super Bowl ad.

The only hint the Mars company has given is that this year’s spot, which will air during the first quarter of Super Bowl XLVII – primo air time! – will feature “a wider range of characters.” We assume that means… various colors of M&Ms? Likely there will be a peanut M&M present . But will there be a peanut butter M&M? I hope so, because my god those are good. In fact… dammit, yeah, I won’t be happy until I’ve eaten some.

Now I know how tens of millions of people will feel after seeing the new commercial.