As promised, we’ll run through the final five contenders for the PepsiMAX and Doritos Crash The Super Bowl contest. You can head over to their website to vote for one commercial for each product, once per day, and the top three from each will air during the Super Bowl.

We haven’t watched these yet either, so this article is going to be a journey of discovery for us both. Hopefully we discover quality, and not just what happens when you open up a commercial contest to Pepsi MAX drinkers.

And your five finalists are…

First off, let us say that we’re pleasantly surprised by the crop of PepsiMAX freshmen in the competition. Overall they seem much better, more polished, and wittier than their brethren in the Doritos camp. Maybe they’ve learned from the past several years of competition?

Our favorite in this group is Love Hurts, a funny story of how true love requires sacrifice. What’s done well here is how they mix sharp wit, good writing, and blatant slapstick.

Another good contender is the unfortunately titled Zero Calories? Psshh. It starts off pretty weak, but pushes a ridiculous concept way too far (Family Guy, anyone?), then ends strong. We don’t see this one winning the whole banana, but it deserves to air on Super Bowl Sunday.

Those two represented the good, now we come to the bad. Torpedo Cooler has all the right ingredients to be good, except it’s just not funny. It’s dangerous to go with broad, stereotypical comedy since it’s so hard to pull off. We think this one may come down to poor camera placement: watch each shot individually and you’ll notice how the pictures are static and dull. Good cinematography could have brought this one to life.

Elevator Girl starts off great: a young guy who shares an elevator everyday with a hot neighbor, but just never seems to be making the right impression. The casting for this one is terrific: the girl is hot, the dude has that perfect “nice guy” look to him, and even the elevator has character. There’s nothing terribly wrong with this one, it just seems to fall flat on the last joke.

Even though it’s typical of commercials and would totally unsurprising, a tag at the end where he gets the girl could be done really well, be really funny, and would really end the spot on a high note.

First Date is that entry that makes you wonder “Oh god, how bad were the entries that didn’t make the finals?” Boring camera work, amateur dialogue, and bad acting make this one a real stinker, which means that it will probably actually win and be airing during the game.

That’s your final five for the PepsiMAX Crash The Super Bowl contest. Watch the game on Sunday, February 6 to see which three made it on the air!