In the rush up to the Super Bowl, all the focus tends to be on the most important part of the game, the commercials. We sometimes forget that there will in fact be a football game being played in between all those wonderful ads. But I think the teams deserve at least some of the credit for this whole annual spectacle, so let’s go ahead and talk about the game itself for a minute.

The big question, of course, is who is going to be in Super Bowl XLVII. This Sunday, January 20th, we’ll find out. The NFC champions will either be the San Francisco 49ers, or the Atlanta Falcons, who will have home team field advantage. During the regular season, the teams were 11-4-1 and 13-3, respectively, so that looks like a healthy match up.

Battling for the AFC title will be the powerhouse dynasty that is the New England Patriots versus the Baltimore Ravens, who are a solid team, but with a 10-6 record should be thankful they even made it this far. It will be an unseasonably balmy 50 degrees in Foxboro, MA, this Sunday, so either way, great day for some gridiron grinding.

Who do you want to see battling it out between all the commercials in Super Bowl XLVII? A Battle of the Birds has a nice ring to it, I think. Or would a clash between two American Icons be more of a draw? Or, ultimately, do you just want to see what Volkswagen is going to do to top the Star Wars Kid commercial?