OK, Mercedes, We’re Teased Already!

Leave it to the folks from Mercedes-Benz to create as much content designed to tempt us into watching their commercials as they have created actual commercials that we are actually going to see during the Super Bowl on February 3rd (which will be between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, for anyone more concerned with football than with high quality advertising, by the way).

UPDATE: Final commercial can be viewed here.

But don’t worry: we’ve got ourselves an “In” over at Mercedes, so we will now bring you their commercials “teasers.” Even though we can’t show you the whole spots now, here’s a hint as to what MB will want you to know: they make really good, really expensive cars.
The first teaser we have for you promises something… smashing:

The second one we’ve unearthed is a bit more… breezy?

And the third teaser for today? Well, it’s just… how do we put it? Ah, yes: a little girl eating ice cream and then apparently it gets really hot where she is and the ice cream melts and then an announcer says something like “It’s getting hot!” That’s pretty much what it is…


Look, we don’t know what to expect from the Mercedes commercial yet, so we can’t tell you any more that we have! But we are willing to guess that based on the fact that they have not only purchased primo commercial real estate for Super Bowl XLVII but have also gone to all this “pre-game” trouble, it is going to be something at least pretty damn cool. (And barring that, good work generating hype for nothing, you clever dogs.)

Oh.. and the highlight tease… Kate Upton doing the thing she does best, in SLOW MOTION.