This one is weird: a submission to the Crash The Super Bowl contest is the target of an online petition by America Needs Fatima. Seems they’re annoyed at the fact that in the entry, the church’s declining attendance is given a boost by replacing the Holy Sacrament with PepsiMAX and Doritos.

Yeah, okay, that is pretty bad.

The real question here is whether this is worth making an issue over? We understand how offensive this commercial can be, but since this particular spot didn’t make the cut as one of the finalists, it has zero chance of ever being shown on TV. What the protesting organization is doing is drawing more attention to the video by making a stink about it in the first place.

And now, without further ado, we bring you the offending commercial in question. You didn’t think we’d decline to show it here, did you?

Feed Your Flock is actually not a terrible ad at all. The camera work is great, the concept is clear, the dialogue… okay, sure, it’s totally offensive.