People! People! Steady yourselves, take a seat if you’ve got one near, and listen well… he have news to tell you. Massive, momentous, big BIG news! Its… it’s Mcgarrybowen, the ad agency. Those rogues, the scoundrels! They’ve done it again! They’ve created an ad for this year’s Super Bowl that is said to be—gasp—dramatic!

Yes, that’s why we were talking that way. To get the most enjoyment out of the first paragraph, we recommend you go back and read it again, this time doing your best William Shatner impression. But now we’ll get to the point: in one of the commercial breaks in the very first quarter of Super Bowl XLVII, an advertisement from will be unleashed on the viewing masses that will have them gasping for breath! Or is that gasping the result of a popcorn kernel wedged near the esophagus? Or both!?

While we doubt they’ll go this route…

“Look out… it’s… CARS.COM!!!!!

…we kind of hope that’s what happens.

The commercial the relatively new but ascendant ad agency has created is playing off a new theme for, called “Why drama?” Why indeed? Because without drama, all we’d have left is a commercial making the services provides clear to the potential customer! And that would be… well, that would be effective, too.

Frankly, though, when you got the URL “” it hardly even seems like you need a Super Bowl commercial. But hey, it’s their millions of dollars!

In the mean time here are some older commercials from Cars.Com: