Last year, the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show drew an estimated 114 million pairs of eyes to their screens. That is notable in and of itself, of course, but even more amazing when you realize that only about 110 million people purportedly watched the game itself! That’s right: nearly four million more people tuned in to watch Madonna prance about and almost fall over. (That was the best part of the whole show, we’re just going to be totally up front about it.)

This year, mega-superstar singer Beyoncé Knowles is set to headline the halftime show. The question is whether or not she will do any singing! On Monday, January 21st, Ms. Knowles “sang” the National Anthem at the Inauguration Ceremony for President Obama’s second term, and it is now abundantly apparent that while her lips were moving, her vocal chords… were not.

Click here to read a relatively objective piece on the “incident” from CBS.

The Marine Band that was backing the performance apparently also “air played” their instruments, and all of this was because there was no time for enough practice and preparation. To that we say… c’mon, really? Obama’s second inauguration just snuck up on you, Beyoncé and Marine Band? OK, whatever – that’s in the past now.

But Super Bowl XLVII is still in the future, and we want to know if the hundred+ million of us who are going to tune in are going to get to see a singer actually singing, or are just going to see a bobblehead moving up and down! Granted, you can’t lip-sync your way out of falling over, so there is still a good chance for entertainment either way! (We kid! Sort of…)

…and see if you can spot Madonna tripping over.