Our sources are reporting that Saturday Night Live alumnus and generally funny human being Amy Poehler is going to star in this year’s Best Buy Super Bowl commercial! In this case, for the record, our “sources” happen to be the marketing department from the company itself, so we’re pretty confident on this one.

Scott Durchslag, the head of marketing at Best Buy, lauded Ms. Poehler’s performance hosting the most recent Golden Globes awards show, saying : “We are thrilled to feature her in our commercial this year and bring the public another dose of her unparalleled humor.”

Mr. Durchslag went on to say: “We know people have high expectations for these ads, and Amy delivers a whole new dimension of entertainment.” It’s nice to see the Best Buy marketing department so excited over their new spokeswoman, especially when a typical Best Buy ad is about as exciting as counting to six thousand. See?

Not… exciting. And also, we secretly suspect some of those claims are not… true. Anyway, we’re absolutely excited to see what the often ribald, off-color Amy Poehler will do during Super Bowl XLVII. And while we assume that the ad will be at least relatively tame, there is always the chance for something like… Jersey Short!

What are your thoughts? Excited for Amy’s commercial? Or do you miss the 2011 Best Buy Super Bowl spot’s decidedly odd pairing of aging longhair Ozzy Osbourne and youthful poofhair Justin Bieber?