It seems like the folks over at the Skechers shoe company still have some mileage in their brand—they have bought not one, but two commercial slots during this year’s biggest television event, the Super Bowl.

The last we checked, these guys were still reeling over lawsuits and government fines related to their pretty amusing claims that just by wearing their Shape-Ups shoe and walking around you could get in better shape.

Consumers came after ‘em, the government came after ‘em… it got ugly:

But we guess it didn’t get all that ugly, in the scheme of things. Not if they’re plunking down close to eight million bucks for airtime during Super Bowl XLVII! So while you won’t see an ad featuring legendary 49ers quarterback Joe Montana tossing out praise for the Shape-Ups…

…you will see plenty of other 49ers and plenty of Skechers brand shoes. Their spots are rumored to be heavy on the humor and are going to shine a spotlight on their new shoe, the GOrun. We just hope they don’t claim it do something like add M.P.H. to your running speed.

Unless it actually will do that, in which case we WANT THEM!

And don’t forget…