This year, for its 2013 Super Bowl commercial Hyundai looks to be taking a page from The Book of Volkswagen and going for the mix of humor and charm as a sales technique. Why? Probably because we have seen time and time again that this recipe works. There’s just something about a good ol’ laugh accompanied by a charming tug at the heart strings that makes us go rushing out to but a Hyundai Santa Fe. Call us sentimental.

Last year Hyundai went with a relatively funny, and certainly well produced Super Bowl spot that seemed to have more of a rallying cry as its message (maybe a quasi-post-recession theme?):

But that commercial lacked heart; lacked family, neighborhood, that stuff. This year, again working with the renowned ad agency INNOCEAN USA, Hyundai’s Super Bowl commercial spots are centered on kids, a young couple, a eco-friendly family vehicles, etc. The ads are titled:

  1. 1.     Epic Playdate
  2. 2.     Team
  3. 3.     Stuck
  4. 4.     Excited
  5. 5.     Don’t Tell

Yes, you counted that correctly: there will be no fewer than five Hyundai commercial spots airing during or close to Super Bowl XLVII. We understand that some of the segments may be running during the pre-game commercial breaks, and we’re not sure if the company had to pay the full 3.7+ million bucks per spot, but regardless, they are spending a huge amount of cash this year!

If there Super Bowl commercials strike a chord with consumers, though, as those still celebrated VW commercials (the Star Wars kid; the exercising dog) did, this move will have been a smart one. If the campaign falls flat, well, you can bet we’ll be here to kick ‘em while they’re down! Hmm… maybe we should edit that last line out…

And before we forget, this totally awesome image was found on (we have no clue if this is a real store or just a fake warning sign site… caveat emptor)