The big event kicks off in just a little more than a week, people! That’s right, you can now count on both hands how many days we have left until the television event of the year, the Super Bowl commercials! (Also there will be sports played—we believe the teams involved are called the Ravenous Baltimoreans and the Forty Nine San Franciscans… is that right?)

In the run-up to the most hotly anticipated commercial breaks of the entire year, we are going to provide you with a little “cheat sheet” of the commercials to watch for. There are so many big companies with ads featuring big name stars debuting during Super Bowl XLVII that it can all get a bit confusing, we know. So we have laid out our preview of the ads in the simplest, purest form we know, alphabetical order!

Here now, from X to X, are the companies you can expect to make you laugh, sniffle, or vow to never, ever again buy their products. After all, a great Super Bowl ad leaves a long-lasting positive impression on the viewer/consumer, but a terrible ad leaves an impression too!


We already told ya about this one!


Taking a page from the internet age, Audi is letting people vote on their commercial! Check out their YouTube channel for more on this one. We’ll preview this when they release the preview.


Yeah, we covered this one already.


Wow, we are on our game! Already discussed it!


You can’t stop – been there, done that.


OK, we didn’t cover these guys yet. Chrysler has been cagey, but keep checking their YouTube channel! We’ll cover it, if its worthy.


We’ve been all over these guys!


Ditto here. And we certainly hope the good folks from Century 21 make a good ad this year


Who’s going to “Crash the Super Bowl” with their Doritos ad this year? The excitement is growing! This one we really can’t wait to see! Power to the independent filmmakers!


Never heard of Gildan? Well, they are seriously hoping to change that! They make clothes, and with a big ol’ ad during Super Bowl XLVII, they’re hoping to make a name for themselves, too.

Apparently, this teaser should provide a hint or two:

Oh, we’ve talked about them


Will the shift in ad focus work for these car guys? We’ll see…


Just a decade or so ago they were the new kids on the block (internationally speaking, anyhow). Now they’re at the big game in a big way! Check their YouTube channel for now. We’ll cover this one when they’re ready.


Lincoln is doing a bit of an image change these days, separating itself from its better known Ford Motor Company roots into a “new” company (or at least a distinct division). Can Abraham Lincoln himself help? No… he’s dead. But maybe an actor portraying him can. Apparently they went that route…


The good folks from Mars have been discussed!


Yup, we talked about them already, too. What can we say? We’re damn good at what we do.


No, this strange organization of milk enthusiasts did not escape our notice.


What has Kraft cooked up for its water flavor product line? Or rather shaken up? We’re not sure yet, but apparently when we find out we’ll be doing so from comedian Tracy Morgan, the star in their Super Bowl ad.


The folks behind Oreos have been Sphinx-like in their silence, so we’re not sure what to expect from their ad, but we do know that after 100+ years of making these cookies, they’re probably pretty confident in themselves.


So is it a commercial, or is it a trailer/teaser/preview? Well, regardless of what you call it, this movie studio has paid top dollar for you to get a look at its upcoming film Star Trek: Into Darkness.


These guys always deliver in a major way, don’t they? Just look back at their vaunted past!


Will the War of Words between Samsung and Apple continue during this year’s Super Bowl? Samsung hit pretty hard during last year’s game


Got ya covered here!


Soda… SodaStream has a SUPER BOWL COMMERIAL? Damn, these guys have come a long way from being a SkyMall staple. Well, maybe it’s time we got on-board with this apparent home soda craze. And hey, everyone loves a bit of controversy, right?


Little is known about the Taco Bell ad for this year’s game. So… I guess we’ll just wait a few more days and see, then.


Here’s another company with so much history and clout they hardly need to advertise, but who are we to tell ‘em not to?


Here’s another heavyweight we already chatted about.


Will you want to see their film Oblivion starring Tom Cruise more or less after you see an ad for it? We’re going to guess… less?


We always love VW commercials! And we also already talked about ‘em

And here’s a sneak look at what they’ll offer… apparently no dogs. This time it might be about cats!


The penultimate company on our list is (sort of) loveable Disney! But with plural films releasing soon and no certain information released on what ads they’ll run, that’s all we have to say about them for now.


Will Psy dance his way into even more hearts? And will these nuts end up in even more kitchen cabinets as a result?

Only time will tell the answer to that question, and which of these commercials are destined to become unforgettable hits, and which will have been terrible wastes of time and money! The countdown continues!