Gildan is a clothing/”active wear” company you have probably not heard of, but that you will, at least briefly, be well acquainted with in the coming days. Why, you ask? (No you didn’t ask that, we know you already figured it out!) They have created an ad to be shown during Super Bowl XLVII, and are banking on it launching their brand into wider recognition.

Why have you heard so little about this company, despite it nearing its 30th anniversary of incorporation and its global workforce of almost 30,000 employees? The answer is that their main products are unbranded, simple articles of clothing, such as solid color t-shirts or hoodies. They sell this type of clothing in bulk to other companies who then print designs, slogans, etc. onto the Gildan clothing. The chances are good, in fact, that you own a Gildan item or two. In fact, you could be wearing one… right… now!

Will they emerge as the next Nike or Reebok? Hard to say, and we’re not holding our breath, even though they are indeed hoping to emerge as a branded, well-known clothing company like those guys. We’re just not sure the consumer market will listen. That said, the Gildan Super Bowl commercial will raise their profile to at least some degree, and it should increase share value (watch for GIL on that stock ticker, day traders!) and sales to other retailers, if not to you and me.

Here’s a little a little teaser for the Super Bowl spot:

And if you’re interested, do a bit of snooping around on your own and tease out some of the facts about the frequent legal troubles and assertions of poor labor practices that have plagued this international giant.

And yes, this was the most interesting image we could find to represent Gildan.