Once again Pepsi puts out an ad that is clever and funny, but subtly undermines their own image. Everyone decides to drive a Diet Pepsi truck after seeing P. Diddy step out of one on the red carpet at an awards show, but did you notice the same thing we did? They still can’t get anyone to drink the stuff?

They shot a whole commercial of people driving entire truckloads of Diet Pepsi around town, but nobody drinks it! Plus, the real reason anyone even wanted to drive the truck in the first place is because P. Diddy did it; if he had shown up to a party in a duck tour boat, everyone would want one of those. Even in the ad’s own warped universe nobody drove a Pepsi truck out of any brand loyalty, it was just the fashionable thing to do.

We love Wilmer Valderrama backing over a newspaper rack, though.