Are We the Only People Who Are About Done with the E-Trade Baby?

Call us crazy, but there is something we’ve never liked about the whole “talking baby” commercial thing. Or talking animals, either. You see… little babies and animals? Those things don’t talk. And furthermore, while we “get” the gimmick – Ha! Babies don’t have stock portfolios, how wacky! – we don’t much like the gimmick. The baby kind of scares us. And we prefer to get our investment advice from people who are potty-trained.

But we seem to be the minority on this – the e-trade well-informed talking baby commercial campaign has been around for the better part of a decade now, and it seems like it will be their flagship for a while yet. Judge for yourself here…

But for our money, man, this was a great commercial! Ah, Super Bowl XXIV, how we miss you!