Can Rhythm in Motion Get its Groove Back?

In what may be one of the most spectacular Hail Mary moves we see in Super Bowl XLVII, one-time industry leading smartphone maker Rhythm in Motion (RIM) is going to have a commercial run during the big game in February 3rd.

RIM’s BlackBerry smartphone was the first real success story back when the smartphone market was a burgeoning little player in the telecommunications game. Today, of course, everyone including children, octogenarians, and, often enough, even housecats have smartphones. But most of those phones? Not Blackberries. The iPhone and Android platform, not to mention several phones from Samsung, have taken over the market, leaving RIM close to the brink of collapse plural times.

But now, just maybe, RIM is going to strike back, claw its way back atop that mountain, score big, run all the way to the end zone and… etc. Enough with the metaphors! The point is that RIM’s Super Bowl commercial is to proclaim the release of their latest and, we and they both hope, greatest smartphone yet, the Blackberry 10!

Take a look for yourself here.

Will RIM reclaim some market share? Or is this gamble going to be a very public waste of 3.8 million bucks? We’ll wait and see, but in our humble opinion, the new phone looks a whole lot like… an iPhone or a Nexus 4 or a Samsung Galaxy SIII or a Sony Xperia…..

Take a look at the Blackberry 10 preview for yourself: