A decade and some back, most folks had hardly even heard of Audi. Today, they are one of the top carmakers in the world, classed right beside BMW and Mercedes and the like for quality, dependability, and of course, performance. And that’s all great, as far as the cars are concerned, but we’re not here to talk about finely tuned steering or suspension or uh… or crank case oil.

No, we’re a bit more concerned with Audi’s Super Bowl commercial than with their excellent engineering. Sure, you make a great car, but if your ads don’t make us want it, you get thumbs down. Here’s the thing about Audi’s ad that’s going to run during Super Bowl XLVII, though: it’s up to us to choose how it plays out! And it’s up to you, too! We have to make us want to want these vehicles!

You see, Audi has taken a page out of the ever-more-familiar playbook of letting the “fans” vote for the version of their commercial they air. Their “Choose Your Own” commercial has a high school prom theme, which should strike a chord with all the tens of millions of people watching the game regardless of which of the three possible endings they go with. Because, y’know, everyone agrees that if there is one thing a kid in high school needs, it’s an Audi.

Here are the three options:




And then find a local Audi dealership and go get yourself an A6! Or not!