We’ve gotten more intel on the upcoming GoDaddy.com Super Bowl commercial (or atleast one of them), and apparently this year the ad execs behind the commercial decided that objectivizing and hyper-sexualizing beautiful women was no longer the most viable way to sell website domain name registry and hosting!

One of their ads will still feature the lovely and talented Danica Patrick and the Israeli beauty Bar Refaeli, like we mentioned a few days back. But their second ad? Even less “sexy,” or so we hear! Their second commercial, that will come during one of the last few commercial breaks of Super Bowl XLVII, will feature Ms. Patrick again, but this time as part of a cast of many and only for a fleeting moment.

Quite a turn away from this kind of approach they used in the past, huh?

And incase you’re missing out on their old commercials… here are a few gems from the past.

OR!! Wait a minute, is this all a cunning plan to actually build more hype? Time will tell when we see what they put out on game day.