When the product in question is a delicious, lightly salty, thin square-shaped baked wheat cracker, people are going to find it and they are going to buy it the next time they’re at the store, it’s as simple as that.

When you learn that Nabisco has released their iconic cracker in new Spicy Buffalo flavor, you may head to the store even sooner AHA… now we understand why people make commercials! It just made sense to us: tell people about the product! Duh.

In their Super Bowl commercial, Nabisco is announcing the new flavor mentioned above, and they’ve put together a pretty funny commercial to do so. Spoiler alert: it features a yeti. But actually, the surprise is hardly something you had to wait for, anyway! The entire ad is already available online..

Now ever so technically this ad will be shown not during the Super Bowl, but actually a bit before kickoff. We think it still counts as a Super Bowl commercial, but we invite your thoughts, as well. And we also invite you to send us as many boxes of Wheat Thins as you want.