Ten Million Bucks? That’s a LOT of Jettas!

You read that right: ten million dollars. Who spent that much cash and for what, exactly, you ask? Volkswagen did. And not on development of any new vehicle or anything like that, they spent it on creating their Super Bowl commercial!

OK, technically the company spent about 10 million dollars creating ad and its teaser and lots of marketing collateral to go with it, and that figure does factor in the $3.8 million just for the airtime during Super Bowl XLVII. But we’re adding it all together because why not? Ten million is a nice round number, and it represents a huge gamble on the part of VW.

They are laying out the equivalent of about six hundred 2013 VW Jettas, if you go with decent options and follow the MSRP. You may not be certain how they spent that much money creating this ad:

But one thing is certain: as a stand-alone piece, taken in a vacuum, this commercial is pretty damn funny. It really does kind of perk you up; make you feel better about the day! Will that translate into sales? Who knows. And, being as we don’t work for VW and aren’t shareholders, hell, we don’t care – we just love this wacky, charming Minnesotan with the Caribbean lilt! If it ends up being a colossal failure as far as increased sales, we’re sorry, Volkswagen. We still love you.

And we also love the fact that Volkswagen went ahead and released their entire Super Bowl ad a week before kickoff. Power to the People! If you want more of these wacky characters, well “Get in. Get happy” right here.