In what year did somebody decide that car commercials couldn’t be the least bit interesting or entertaining?

We get it: cars are a serious investment, not a snack food that you buy on impulse. They don’t want to be all “jokey” about something like the Ford GT, since they are after calling it “the Pace Car for an entire company” (yeesh). But come on, can we get a little something to make this ad worth watching, especially if you’re going to ask us to watch it for sixty whole seconds?

The sound of the engine, the shredding of the tires, the squeel around the turns: that’s all good, clean, manly stuff. Maybe it’s about time they made a car commercial for the wife of the man who’s going through the mid-life crisis and wants to buy the new Ford GT. You know, to get her on board with the whole thing before he runs away with the babysitter?