It looks like this time, Goliath is going to win. Actually, that’s usually what happens, thus making the David Vs. Goliath story interesting in the first place. In this modern version of the tale, our “David” is the multinational company SodaStream, and being as it’s a publicly traded corporation with over a quarter of a billion dollars in annual gross revenue, it’s small only when compared to a couple of real giants of industry, Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

SodaStream was planning on airing a commercial during Super Bowl XLVII that took direct jabs at Coke and Pepsi for being wasteful, environmentally unfriendly companies. And while they may have a leg to stand on in making that argument, given the company’s history of environmental awareness work, they took it too far this time, and their commercial has been pulled by the Powers That Be at CBS.

The ad would have been very similar to this spot, which really doesn’t seem all that bad to us…

And anyway, this “surprise” censoring of the controversial SodaStream Super Bowl commercial surprised few people: the same spot (or one very similar to it) had been running on British television for a while back in 2012 before it was banned from UK television for being defamatory to other companies.

SodaStream is likely going to use an older, tamer ad during the big game on February 3rd, and while they may be upset their conversation-starting commercial got yanked, perhaps this fresh controversy will have even more people talking about SodaStream? Hey, we just did!