OK, we’re drawing a line in the sand right now and taking a stance: anyone who is upset by the Volkswagen commercial for Super Bowl XLVII needs to take a deep breath, and count to ten. And then, if still upset, repeat that until you’re either calm or asphyxiated.

It’s a funny, charming advertisement, people! It celebrates Volkswagens, a Caribbean take on life, and making people feel better; it insults no one! Watch it again (which should be an easy sell – this ad is excellent and sort of addictive) and then please share your comments.

Is this ad really racist?

There, now is that worthy of comments like these? “Didn’t anyone look at this? This is so racist!” said Barbara Lippert, editor at of Mediapost.com. And a New York Times columnist named Charles Blow said the spot was like: “blackface with voices.”

C’mon, guys. Take it easy. First of all, there are only racial tones in the spot if you ascribe them; otherwise there are merely cultural overtones. And beyond that, just come on! It’s the most good-natured, mild ad were likely to see this year! Even the Wheat Thins spot is more prejudiced (against yetis, of course) than the VW commercial! People who are upset by this are going to be upset by anything. The rest of us are off to buy that Passat after all.

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