The teaser Taco Bell has released for its Super Bowl XLVII commercial has a lot of things going for it. It’s got a wacky grandpa on a souped-up power scooter tearing-ass around a football field at night, knocking stuff over, popping wheelies, doing “doughnuts” in the grass….

Wait, OK, actually that’s the whole thing, that’s the entire teaser, pretty much. But it’s awesome! Very amusing, uplifting, memorable. (The fact that the words “Do Not Do This” appear on the bottom at one point is the icing on the cake.) Have a watch:

Grandpa Goes Wild:

Here’s the thing… until the very end, you have no idea that it is a commercial for Taco Bell. And unless we have been hiding under a much larger rock than most folks, we have barely heard their new catchphrase “Live Mas.” Yeah, we knew it was for Taco Bell, but in kind of an oblique way. In fact, as much as we hated that little Taco Bell Chihuahua, at least when he said “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” there was little left to the imagination as to what brand he was talking about. Or yapping about, maybe we should say. This teaser could just as easily be pitching us Century 21 as it is Gorditas and Nachos.

(And also, one must add that people who eat lots of Taco Bell probably won’t even be as mobile as this semi-wheelchair-bound older gentleman.)