You know how they say that great writing always “shows” the story, rather than “tells” it? Well the same holds true for great commentary on Super Bowl commercials. Last week, we told you all about what you could expect to see from the folks over at Hyundai…

Well now we can show you their Super Bowl commercials! Or at least a couple of them. You’ll likely recall that the Hyundai folks have created a stunning five separate ads for Super Bowl XLVII (the amount of ads is stunning; judge for yourself if the commercials themselves are). And now, still with days to go before the game, you can see two of their ads right here!

This first one is called “Stuck”. Click here to see it:

Thoughts? OK, here are ours: we like it. We like the spot a lot, in fact, and it works, there is a theme tied to the message, the message being, essentially, Turbo = Good. Does it seem on the level of a Super Bowl ad? Well, no, we don’t think it’s that good. Here’s #2 for you:

Now that is a Super Bowl commercial. Or at least a lot closer to one. The audio is kind of annoying, but also kind of endearing. And it “works,” this ad does. A bit of a direct assault on the competition, but assuming all those claims are substantiated, then we say well done. Hot sauce! (It’ll make sense…)