Well, actually, it’s not here exactly – the spot is so new and hot off the presses we can’t even embed the video yet, and we’re going to have to send you to a new tab briefly, it’s that brand new. But first we’ll tell you a bit about the spot. It lives up to its name largely because of all the wacky antics this family gets up to, aided by their trusty Hyundai Santa Fe.

But the real kicker comes from the score, which is a new song by The Flaming Lips called “Sun Blows Up Today.” When a band like The Flaming Lips makes a song with a title like that, you know things are gonna get crrrrraaazy.

And they do! This ad has ostriches! It has skateboarding! It has fireworks! It’s got yoga, but not just any yoga, it’s epic yoga! And, of course, it’s got plenty of footage of the Hyundai Santa Fe SUV. Check out the commercial here, or just wait for Super Bowl XLVII on February 3rd and… ah, you already clicked the link to see the ad, didn’t you?

And here’s just the song, in case it gets stuck in your head.