Starring in Mercedes’s Super Bowl ad sure seems to have been a good deal for acclaimed actor Willem Dafoe, at any rate. The 57 year old Oscar-nominated actor (Platoon; Shadow of the Vampire) is set to star in a 90 second Super Bowl commercial for the Mercedes CLA playing one of the greatest roles for any actor, Satan himself!

In the spot, Dafoe—er, the devil—almost tempts a man into selling his soul for a brand new Mercedes, taking him on an imaginary journey through life as a Mercedes owner. This journey features super model Kate Upton (we’ve seen her in the recent Mercedes teasers, of course) and rap star Usher, and seems like The Good Life indeed.

Suddenly, though, the tempted man learns how little the base model CLA actually costs (around $30k, which is peanuts for a Mercedes!) and dismisses the devilish offer. There, now you know what happens. But we bet Dafoe will bring a level of intensity to this “mini film” that will render it memorable enough for you to replay time and time again. We are talking about this guy, after all!

Also enjoy some glamour shots of New Orleans, where the commercial was filmed and, by no small coincidence, where Super Bowl XLVII is going to be played.

EDIT: Final Commercial can be viewed here.