The next Hyundai Super Bowl commercial has been released, and it’s the best one yet! This ad is titled “Team,” and again is centered on the seven passenger SUV the Santa Fe.

In this spot, a classic setup starts things off: a group of bullies takes a smaller but determined boy’s football. Big mistake!

Thanks to all the passenger space in the mighty Hyundai Santa Fe (no, we don’t get a cut for saying that… yet) the boy and his mom drive around town and assemble the coolest, most badass team of misfits we’ve seen since The Sandlot.

Who gets recruited—and subsequently piled into the Santa Fe—for the epic grudge match? Oh, just the usual neighborhood kids. A couple of boys that were lifting serious weights, one kid that was carrying a grown man from a flaming building, another boy wrestling a bear, just some kids from around town, y’know?

Needless to say, the kids are going to win back the ball. And Hyundai is going to win a few hearts and minds with their Super Bowl commercial blitz.

OK, now go ahead and watch it: