If you’ve been a regular visitor to our site over the past few weeks, you have seen our articles talking about the marketing campaign that has led up to this year’s Mercedes Super Bowl commercial. And you have likely seen all the teasers we have posted. That mostly meant seeing a whole lot of Kate Upton walking in slow motion around a car being washed. Now don’t get us wrong, we have nothing against that motif in theory, but it did seem a bit hackneyed.

So, is Mercedes’ Super Bowl XLVII Ad Money Well Spent? Yep. Just about every penny of it, if you ask us (and lots of people have!).

Well, it seems like rather than running a hackneyed ad, Mercedes has played us all! Their spot for Super Bowl XLVII (as reported earlier and now on view for all to enjoy) is not at all about a soaped-up model, but rather about a devil of a souped-up, priced-down car the everyman can enjoy. In a 90 second spot (an epic length, by Super Bowl commercial standards!), the devil, as played by a pitch-perfect Willem Dafoe, tempts a young man with the offer of brand new Mercedes CLA. He shows the fellow how this car could be the ticket to “la dolce vita,” complete with the fawning paparazzi, languid smiles from the lovely Miss Upton, and a dance routine with the talented and charismatic Usher (a scene made all the richer by the intentionally wretched choreography).

The Faustian deal is blown when the young man realizes that the CLA is priced starting under $30,000—an amazing price for a Mercedes, and, in our opinion, something worth spending all the millions they did to advertise in such grand style.

Rather than giving us yet another ad featuring a sultry vixen parading around a shiny car, Mercedes gave us a clever, well-photographed ad, set in beautiful New Orleans, and with its own little narrative. And they hooked us all in along the way, too.

Well done, you clever dogs…

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