While we’re still mostly negative on this commercial, because of the whole “We don’t think it’s funny just because it’s a baby doing something babies don’t usually do” thing (looking at you, E*Trade), there is a little punch line moment at the end that is rather funny. The funny moment is extremely well-worn territory, featuring a kid asking the “where do babies come from” question and a parent giving a wacky response, but well enough executed to get a slight tip of our hat.

Kia has “boldly” gone where many, many advertisers have before them this year, and created a commercial that has remarkably little to do with the product it is advertising, which in this case is a 2014 Kia Sorento SUV, if you were wondering. We weren’t, really, because right up until the end this commercial could have been selling us diapers, a soft drink, or just spreading goodwill about space travel in general.

If we were the grading type (hey, why aren’t we the grading type? It starts now!) we would probably give this advertisement a C. Or maybe a C+, because it is well-made, though even with decent production value it’s executing a weak concept.

Well, here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, albeit likely not with all that much eagerness. Have a look for yourself:

(And yes, the pandas are cute.)