Women are starting to take Super Bowl Sunday over through the back door: by dominating the commercials.

At the top of the news heap is the announcement by Teleflora (which is apparently the world’s leading floral delivery service? Did they make that up?) that Faith Hill will be appearing in their Super Bowl spot, promoting  “The Collection by Faith Hill”. The commercial has been described as “laugh-out-loud funny”, most likely by Teleflora’s marketing team.

The hot Kardashian sister (Kim, if you actually need that spelled out for you) has also just revealed that she has been working on a Skechers Super Bowl spot for ShapeUps, which is almost guaranteed to be a shoe judging by the fact that she’s wearing them on her feet. At least we hope so.

Hill and Kardashian will be having one big girly pillow fight (in our minds, anyway) against a trio of GoDaddy spokeswomen. Danica Patrick will obviously be returning, along with Jillian Michaels and a third “big-name” GoDaddy girl to be revealed within the commercial itself.

It’s, like, so mysterious isn’t it? As if, had they told us who the third girl was to be, nobody anywhere would bother watching the commercial, or maybe not even the game itself. Thank you GoDaddy for saving the Super Bowl!