Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen have starred (and even been paired up) in many of the funniest comedies of recent times. A couple of films called The Forty Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up come to mind. Apparently the folks behind the Samsung Galaxy Super Bowl commercial had heard about these movies also, because they turned to funnymen Rudd and Rogen when they made their Super Bowl commercial, and when they made this teaser for the spot:

That’s Bob Odenkirk from the (sort of kind of) popular program Mr. Show playing the stuffed suit role, and we hear that the actual commercial was directed by superstar director Jon Favreau. He made a little film called Iron Man among others. That is a lot of star power, dammit! Will it be enough? We’re willing to go out on a limb and say yeah, the Samsung commercial is probably going to be pretty solid.

This teaser got a nod and chuckle from us, but we’re not going to pretend we laughed out loud or anything. It has an overly scripted quality, while so much of the best filmic dialogue between Rogen and Rudd has seemed much more ad-libbed and authentic.