For this year’s Super Bowl Halftime extravaganza, the organizers turned their gaze outward to the people: they’re bringing in the masses to pump up the show (maybe because we all know Beyoncé won’t be doing any singing! Zing!). In what major event sponsor Pepsi is calling the first “crowd-sourced” Super Bowl halftime show, a few dozen everyday folks are going to be a live part of the show, with many more taking part in the form of their photographs.

Starting right at the end of 2012, Pepsi invited fans to send in pictures of themselves striking a variety of dance poses. Apparently they got thousands and thousands of submissions in a matter of days. Hundreds of these photos are going to be incorporated into a video shown as the halftime show kicks off, and fifty lucky fans (lucky assuming this kind of thing is your kind of thing) will get an “on field experience,” while a grand prize winner will take part in the show itself. We’re not sure what an “on field experience” is, by the way, but we assume it involves your feet being on the field of the New Orleans Super Dome, and likely some sort of dancing.

The photos selected for use in the show and from which the winners were chosen were judged on, we quote: “Originality, creativity, and Pepsi spirit.” We often come across as sarcastic, we know, and we’re working on being more pleasant and all, but that the hell is Pepsi Spirit? Please, if you have a cogent answer, let us know right away.

In a statement hyping this crowd-sourcing (AKA “we save money by you doing the marketing work”) initiative, vice president of marketing Angelique Krembs said: “Pepsi is bringing to life its ‘Live for Now’ mindset which places fans at the center of this experience.” That’s a nice idea, but we have to sign off with one more snippy comment: Live for Now? What else are we going to do, live for the year 1728? Live for fifteen months and three days from now? C’mon, Pepsi, you can do better! Sigh, at least it’s a better slogan than Here We Go!